Pushnews Features

We have the best features of Web Push Notifications so you can get the best results
with Pushnews


Your website is no longer the only channel for collecting subscribers. Increase the growth of your subscriber's base with this unique Pushnews feature that lets you collect subscribers directly from your fanpage.

Faster subscriber growth

You don't need to have a website to use Push Notifications

Take your Facebook fans directly to your website.


Target your notifications with this feature and increase the relevance of your content to each country

Identify the most interested countries in your business

Communicate exactly in your audience location

Launch country-specific campaigns

See Example

Super Push

Super Push lets you send large-image notifications to your visitors, with the size of 360 x 240. In this image you can attach an art developed by you or simply show a product.

Click rates 40% higher than Push notifications

Show your product even before the person clicks

Promote your new campaign with an art

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OnSite Push

With OnSite Push you can send notifications to all your website visitors and they don’t need to do opt-in. Identify the highest traffic hour and send notifications to your anonymous visitors!

You don't need to register

All your visitors see your message

No shipping limit

Compatible with all browsers


Send targeted notifications to your audience. With this feature you can target interests, categories or any other information you want. With our targeting option, you can deliver the right content to the right audience.

Target your audience by interests

Send relevant content to the right audience

Send personalized messages to each segment

Segmentação Avançada
Push Agendamentos


Prepare your campaigns in advance and schedule for when your Push is triggered. This way you can plan your whole week and you don't have to do anything else.

Choose the best day and time and schedule push messages

Create recurring submissions of the same message

Plan your week and Pushnews will do the work for you

RSS to Push

Have your rss feed page updated and we will convert your news into push notifications automatically. Pushnews will do all the work for you!

Have your posts automatically sent

We take your news to your readers

You only say in which days and we do the rest!

RSS push notification

Facebook to Push

This is an exclusive feature of Pushnews. We turn your last post in facebook into push and we sent it to your entire base.

Use Facebook fanpage to send Push

Spend your time on other things

Let Pushnews work for you

You only need to choose the days to send


Having access to our API you can integrate Pushnews with any service. Our API lets you send custom Push Notifications to any user individually.

Retrieve abandoned carts

Treat each user as unique

Deliver messages based on behaviors

Deliver messages based on information

Pushnews API